Shooting Range

Recreational archery which has become extremely popular solemnity events for the honor, complete with flags and 21 gun salutes for the opponent. Riverarch Greenfield has drawn room for the same. Recreational archery is a new way to have fun, meet people and challenge oneself on rangefield. Throw some energy on the field while you strike your shoot and enjoy the amusement.

Rain Dance at River Arch

Gambol in Rain Dance by setting your spirits free. Supple your moves in faux downpour. Exuberant abode, family and friends get together along with vibrant Dj and strident music. For young couples it’s the ideal modus to express their love, and for elderly people the moment of glee.


Badminton is a racquet sport very popular amongst the stripling. Can be romped indoor court and outdoor court, in singles as well as doubles. Riverarch Greenfield resort is well accoutred.

Obstacle Course

OC is the sport in which an opponent, goes on an excursion, and he or she must overcome varied and dare to overcome physical obstacle. Mud and trials are combo and the race is formulated in manner of brainteaser. You can tease your brain by putting into it at Riverarch Greenfield Resort.

Outdoor Sports: Cricket, Football, Volleyball, etc

Outdoor recreations are outdoor activities which are effectuated in natural or semi-natural surroundings, that can bring pursuit of happiness to your mental and physical state. Cricket is considered as religion and cricketers are considered as God. Football is winning vogue now a days and its followers are soaring high. Volley ball is best loved for all the age groups constant. Riverarch Greenfield resort possess such advent recreations.

Foam dance

One of our most popular activity is our Foam party! Nothing beats great tunes blasted out while running through tons of FOAM. You get a top-notch host with a professional DJ sound system who will play a mix of the top hits and interactive dances while a high-capacity commercial foam machine shoots foam out 20-24ft from the setup. We use a special foam solution that certified by a board-certified dermatologist. It has no odor and is 100% organic. Due to the nature of foam, we recommenced this activity to be done outdoors.