Reward Point Redemption


  • Points can be redeem at the Checkout billing only
  • The amount eligible can be adjusted to the purchase of goods or services during the check in duration. Point cannot be redeemable on day-outing packages or walk-in restaurant services
  • Points cannot be redeemable to room rent or plan food. E.g. If a person with 10000 points have booked a night for say INR 5000 on MAP (inc Breakfast & Dinner) and have availed room order services for INR 500.00  and ATV ride for INR 300. In that case firstly he has to pay   INR 5000 for the room and meal plan, his 10000 points will be equal to INR 200 so for the extra food and services he has to pay a total of INR 600 only instead of 800 and his 10000 points will be redeemed. In this transaction he will earn 5800 point also.
  • Points as per our database will be considerable for the redemption only. No claim can be made whatsoever.
  • Points earn upto 31 March 2020 can be redeemed upto 31st October 2020.
  • Maximum of 2,00,000 points can be redeem per visit.
  • Points earned post 31st March 2020 will be valid for 6 months from the date of earn.

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